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Tips to help women build strength

How to get stronger as a woman - helpful tips

  1. Do more workouts - Once a week won't cut it to see results, make sure you are trying to get to the gym 3 times a week as a minimum.

  2. Increase your volume - Make sure you hit enough sets within a workout.

  3. Work the whole body - Don't just focus on legs, plan days to work all aspects of the body.

  4. Lift heavy - Doing the same weight and reps each sessions will help no one, increase the weight and challenge yourself each session with heavy lifts. It won't make you "bulky".

  5. Do compound exercises - Ensure you are performing the main compound lifts and not just accessory exercises.

  6. Control the lifts - Don't ego lift or do half reps, work on form and range of motion and control the weight throughout the whole repetition.

  7. Be efficient - Don't faff about doing lots of little bits or trying exercises here and there. Plan your workouts before you go into the gym and stick to it with short and accurate rest periods.

  8. Eat well - Ensure your diet is correct and keep that protein high!

  9. Get a personal trainer when you start out to advise and guide you.

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