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Why meal prepping helps

We've all seen the quotes and social media posts - "you can't out train a bad diet" etc etc's true.

You can work as much as you'd like in the gym but if body composition is your goal and the "ideal" six pack then you will need to sort yourself out in the kitchen as well as the gym. No number of crunches are going to get that six pack to appear if you aren't eating correctly.

Planning ahead can be difficult but also finding the correct food while on the go can be just as hard. That's where meal planning comes in. You can control the number of calories you will be having and it stops you from swaying away from a good lunch and binging on something when you go out from the office to get lunch.

We've all seen "that person" with the tupperware at lunch everyday and now is your chance to join them. It will help your diet and goals massively.

  1. Avoid poor/unhealthy meals - you control what you eat and can ensure each meal is nutritious and healthy.

  2. Clear control on calories - you are aware of how many calories are in the meal and can keep to your required amount.

  3. Variety of meals - no more boring sandwiches everyday at lunch, lots of different meals can be made and you can mix it up whenever you like.

  4. Hit your goals and targets easier - You can control and know how much protein or nutrient is in each meal and hit you targets. Also will help you reach your fitness goals quicker by being strict on your diet.

  5. Simple - Very easy to batch cook food and then divide it up into meals for the week.

  6. Time efficient - no more long trips out to the supermarket at lunch or every evening spent making lunch for the next day. 1 day dedicated to bulk making food and then just pop to the fridge at lunch to grab your meal.

So give it a try, it will help you be more consistent, accountable, achieve better results, save time and money and make life easier.

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