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Ways to improve your sleep

Here are some ways to improve your sleep, after all a good nights sleep is key to recovery when training.

  1. Control your light exposure - ensuring that you get enough day light during the day is key. Aim for 45 mins early in the day. Also avoid blue light late at night, technology these days can get changed to block blue light. IPhone's have a night mode where blue light is blocked and I have mine set from 8pm onwards. This helps me to adjust and get ready to sleep.

  2. Establish a sleep friendly environment - Make sure your room is cool, dark and quiet. Also keeping your bedroom as your sleep area is beneficial, try to avoid working or being on technology while in bed. This helps the body recognise your bed as the place for sleep.

  3. Stick to a schedule - Having a time when you go to bed and wake up every day helps the body to know when its time to sleep and wake up. Consistency is key and trying not to shift this too far helps the body.

  4. Control your caffeine - Having a coffee later in the day will keep your body alert and hinder your ability to get to sleep. Caffeine takes 5 hours or so to wear off so keeping caffeine to the morning will help when it comes to bedtime and falling asleep easily.

The book "Why We Sleep" by Matthew Walker is an excellent read for anyone wanting to learn more about sleep and the benefits.

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