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How to cure shin splints

If you’ve ever taken up running and gone in too hard then you may have experienced pain in your shins! This is called shin splints, it occurs from impact and overloading. Often when running on hard surfaces such as concrete, road or hard ground in the summer.

One way to prevent it is to perform exercises to strengthen the Tibialis Anterior Muscle which runs down the shin.

3 exercises to try are as follows:

1 - Tibialis Raise - these are performed by using a weight (kettlebell in this) over the toe and then bringing the foot towards the body through dorsiflexion.

2 - Deficit Calf Raise - these are performed by

standing on a raised platform with the ball of your foot and then lowering your heel to below the step level before raising yourself back up.

3 - Tibialis Step Downs - these are performed by standing on a platform (in this case a weight plate) with one leg and then stepping off it until your opposite foot touches the floor but before putting weight on it you push back up with the standing leg.

Incorporating these along side rest and ice is key to being able to get back out running pain free

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