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NEAT - What is it?

NEAT - Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

NEAT represents the number of calories your body expends through general movement (excluding intentional exercise). E.g. fidgeting, walking around throughout the day, taking the stairs, walking the dog, doing chores, pacing on the phone and running errands.

Exercising for 1 hour a day is equal to 4% of your day. This is quite a small proportion of your day within the big picture. Then assuming you sleep for 8 hours and are awake for 16 hours a day those awake hours equate to 67% of your day. A much larger proportion. Making use of these hours in your daily routine and increasing your NEAT will aid fat loss considerably. The amount of movement you can get in during those 16 hours will add up to a much higher value than the 1 hour a day you spend in the gym. If you don't move around a lot and are sedentary during your day to day routine then this will hinder your potential fat burning ability quite considerably. By aiming for a step count, taking the stairs over escalators and having a high amount of general movement in your day you will increase your calories burnt. It's true that the small things do add up and over time they will become part of your day to day routine and benefit your life for the better. Remember - planned exercise equates to 10% of your energy used, NEAT equates to 10-15% of your energy output. Combined they have the to potential to be the source of 25% of your burnt calories.

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