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Why are you exercising and not losing weight?

Exercising but not losing weight? Here are some reasons why this could be the case.

Are you actually in a calorie deficit?

  • A lot of people think they are in a calorie deficit when they actually aren't. Whether this is down to thinking foods aren't as calorific as they actually are or thinking their BMR is much higher than it actually is, people don't know for sure if they are in one or not. The best way to correct this is to use a reputable calorie calculator or speak to a PT to find out what your is.

Are you moving enough?

  • When people are in a calorie deficit they then move less and less outside the gym, this reduces their NEAT which in turn then reduces the amount of calories they burn and that then levels out with the deficit they are in. So they may have reduces their intake but if they have also reduced their output then there will not be as much of a difference as they think there is. When you workout and are on a programme, ensure to keep your NEAT up and move lots when not in the gym. This combined with a deficit will ensure you are burning more than you consume and help the weight to drop off. Having a step count is the most common way to help you keep your NEAT high and the lbs dropping off.

Are you eating too much?

  • Similar to the first point, sometimes people think foods aren't as bad for you as they actually are so eat more calories than they think. This leads to being in a surplus, not losing weight and worst case gaining weight. You can use apps such as myfitnesspal to track calories to find out precisely how many calories you are consuming and educate yourself as to how calorific things are.

In summary - workout regularly, keep your NEAT high and educate yourself as to how many calories food really do contain.

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